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We fell in love with Traverse City and northern Michigan when we moved here in 2010. It is truly the best place in the world to raise a family, and build a wonderful life. We live where other people can only visit for their vacation. With its four seasons, breathtaking views, and a healthy outdoor lifestyle and small-town charm, it’s a captivating place that we are lucky to call home. We embraced the lifestyle of Living the Northern Dream so much; we decided to create a beautiful color magazine devoted to everything that embodies this amazing area.

We were confident we could pull off the task, as it wasn’t our first rodeo. Tom, a Michigan (Lansing) native moved to Maryland and founded a successful lifestyle magazine (Frederick Magazine), that he owned and managed for 27 years. Teri is originally from England and moved to Washington DC at age 18, where she had a thriving 22-year career in sales. Since the very beginning, we have been so blessed that our readers embraced our beloved magazine.

With every stunning colorful issue, we try to make each one better than the last. We pride ourselves on celebrating the incredible people that make this area such a warm and welcoming place. We share the stories of their homes, businesses, art, style, and most of all worthy causes and charity organizations. We make it our mission to Enrich, Enlighten, and Enhance our reader’s coffee table, striving to be a treasured community magazine with a heart.

Our magazine is a family affair. Our daughter, Teaghan, is now 13 and you may have watched her grow from a little toddler over the last 9 years, on the pages of our magazine. She is a constant joy in our life and comes along on many photoshoots with us. She is our “Where’s Waldo” character.

We live here, we work here, we sail and play here and we try hard to be a big part of our awesome community. So if you see us out and about please say hello. If you have a great story idea, let us know we’d love to hear it. We are all so lucky to be Living the Northern Dream.

Tom, Teri, and Teaghan Gorsline

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